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“Symfonia Systems” is a group of products supporting management and making decisions in small and medium sized companies of any business profile.

These solutions support areas of management such as finance and accounting, HR, payroll, sales and warehouse service and customer relationship.

Symfonia system reduces costs and improves company’s competitiveness.


Our offer involves three lines of products adapted to different needs of business customers.


Symfonia Start - easy to use system in one single station version for small companies or people running their own businesses.
(1-3 users)


Symfonia Premium - flexible, integrated system, which helps in management supporting daily operations of the company as well as enables to obtain precise information necessary to make important decisions.
(1-50 users)


Symfonia Forte - modular system, which includes strategic areas and processes in the company- finance, HR, sales, marketing, analysis and information management.

Advanced IT solutions and used  Microsoft Server SQL base allow for safe development, integration with other systems and creation new reports/summaries adapted to company’s requirements.