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SYMFONIA PREMIUM is the first in the Polish market integrated management support package for small and medium enterprises written specifically for the WindowsTM environment.
This system fully supports management by supporting both the day-to-day operations of business records and the handling of business events, as well as providing the precise information needed to make the most important decisions.

Finance and premium accounting
The program implements all essential accounting operations - from charting accounts and easy document posting, through automatic closing balance, full settlement and settlement to ready-made or user-defined statements and reports.
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Premium Financial Analysis
The program supports and accelerates the work of financial and economics departments in the company.
It allows you to quickly prepare any analysis of data recorded in the SYMFONIA Finance and Accounting program.
It utilizes the enhanced features of the MS Excel spreadsheet.
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Durable premium funds
The program facilitates the recording, updating, inventory and redemption of fixed assets, low-cost assets and intangible assets.
Keeps records of places of use of resources and their components.
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Teams and premium pay
The program supports payroll management and employee staffing data. It automates the calculation of wages, schedules and records the working time and enables you to carry out full payroll and payroll documentation.
Supports settlements with Tax Offices and ZUS.
The program complies with the applicable labor law.
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Premium wages
The program supports payroll management in the company. It takes into account different ways of remuneration. It speeds up monthly and annual settlements - generates payrolls, schedules, prints and reports, prints transfers.
Provides secrecy of wages. Supports settlements with ZUS.
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Premium trade
The program supports sales and inventory management (full stock inventory).
Enables you to issue documents: sales, storage, purchase, and payment. It supports multi-branch companies.
Allows you to pursue a specific sales policy.
Works with printers and cash registers and bar code readers.
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Premium invoice
The program supports sales in service and commercial companies (not warehousing). Issue the necessary sales documents, in PLN and in foreign currencies.
Clears cash and non-cash transactions. Allows you to plan and conduct a specific sales policy.
It supports fiscal printers, works with fiscal cash registers.
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Small Premium Accounting
The program is designed for companies with simplified accounting.
Supports the registration and handling of tax settlements and settlements with ZUS - cooperation with the Payer program. Allows you to conduct settlements with contractors, offices and employees.
It facilitates the analysis of profitability of undertaken economic activities.
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E-Declarations is a safe and easy-to-use tool to electronically send PIT and VAT declarations directly from financial and accounting systems and payroll staff to the Ministry of Finance platform.
The declaration process is fully automated and the Office of Consent Forms (UPO) is sent immediately after the documents have been sent.
An electronic archive makes it easy and fast to find the appropriate declaration.
The e-Declarations application also brings measurable financial savings by eliminating the need to print documents for offices, purchase envelopes and stamps, and make fees for sending traditional declarations.
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