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Security of information systems is a very difficult and complex issue.
Nowadays, danger doesn’t come only from the Internet, but also from the inside of network - from local network users.
The variety of threats is the reason why a lot of different types of systems appear in the infrastructure of each company.

We offer following security systems:
  • antivirus systems - protection of workstations, servers from viruses
  • anti-spam systems - protection against unwanted e-mails 
  • antispyware systems– protection against spyware collecting information about users without their permission
  • content filtering systems - filtering Web traffic, which enables to supervise how the employees use the Internet
  • authentication systems – solutions necessary to confirm user’s identity
  • Data Loss Prevention Systems - prevention from random and intended data leak
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems – continuous monitoring systems, which are to detect any blind-spots and prevent any intrusion on IT infrastructure 
  • Virtual Private Network - enables to connect several computer networks with the use of safe encrypted channel (IPSec or SSL) through the Internet
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) - a product that performs multiple security functions within one single system
  • security management systems - solutions for configuration and monitoring security systems and the collection, analysis and correlation of events with the feature of generating different types of reports.