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SYMPHONY FORTE is a solution for larger, modernly managed companies, working in a network environment and in large numbers of data.
It provides rich functionality not only in the recording of economic events but also in the analysis and control of business and financial processes.
The system uses MS SQL Server 2000, which guarantees high performance and security regardless of the number of users or data. As the only Polish system supporting SYMFONIA forte management, it has been equipped with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) technology, allowing for quick and easy adaptation of the functionality of the application to the individual needs of the user.

Finance and Accounting forte
The module supports the work of finance and accounting department in medium or large companies.
It performs all essential accounting operations - from creating a chart of accounts and easy posting of documents to automatic closing balance.
It enables full settlement and settlement. It allows you to manage company financial information at both operational and management levels based on your ready-made or user-defined reports and reports.

Financial Liquidity Planning forte
The module is designed for people responsible for maintaining financial liquidity of the company, facilitating the organization of the work of financial and economic departments.
It allows foresee and counteract payment tensions. Allows you to create reports and reports on expected revenue and expenditure.

Inter-Payment Settlements Costs forte
This module complements the basic functionality of the SYMFONIA Finance and Accounting forte program.
It facilitates the work of financial and accounting departments. It allows you to automate the cost accounting process over time.

Kasa forte
The program provides comprehensive handling of cash transactions performed at specialized cash positions.
It supports activities related to the registration of cash deposits and withdrawals, the issue of cash documents, the inventory of cash. Allows automatic data transfer to the SYMFONIA Finance and Accounting forte program.

Fixed assets forte
The program facilitates the recording, updating, inventory and depreciation of fixed assets, low-cost assets and intangible assets.
Keeps records of cost centers, places of use of funds and their components.

Staff and payroll forte
The program supports payroll management and employee and company personnel data. Enables you to calculate payroll and manages your payroll records.
It allows you to plan, record working time and pay. Supports settlements with Tax Offices and ZUS.

Forte trade
The system carries out all essential operations related to running a trading activity in the company, enabling full stock records, supports sales and purchases (also in foreign currencies).

Trade Advisor forte
The program supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Provides access to full and up-to-date information about your customers, including sales and marketing activities.
Allows you to assess the profitability of customer groups and individual products. It allows you to plan and conduct an effective marketing and sales policy.

Internet shop forte
The program allows you to sell and receive orders over the Internet. It enables presentation of the offer, acquiring new customers and servicing regular trading partners.
It allows you to pursue any sales policy. Customizes the appearance of pages in web browsers.

Controlling forte
The program supports activities that aim to increase efficiency, optimize costs, and streamline business decision-making processes.
It provides tools for acquiring, processing and sharing information necessary for modern enterprise management, based on management accounting methods.

Intra.net forte
The program supports internal communication within the organization, enabling the implementation of a specific information policy.
It reduces costs, streamlines workflows for employee applications, including Vacation, advance, delegation.

Documents and Tasks forte
The system supports the management of document flow and task flow in the company. It is designed for medium and large business entities with an extensive document and task acceptance system and a number of documents exceeding several hundred monthly.
It streamlines the execution of multiple tasks carried out by employees in parallel.
It supports visualization of processes and implementation of quality systems within a company.
It complements the capabilities of the SYMFONIA forte System and third-party solutions.