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The Novell Open Workgroup Suite (NOWS) is an economical and open standards-based Linux networking and collaboration software suite. It is used by thousands of companies, also in Poland, to handle IT infrastructure in large companies, institutions and offices as well as in medium and small business.

NOWS includes Novell Open Enterprise Server 11, e-mail and groupware (Novell GroupWise 2012), teamwork, project management, and knowledge gathering (Novell Vibe 3.4), an innovative tool for Novell Open Enterprise Server 11. File sharing, providing access to data at any time and place, maintaining existing Novell Filr, Novell ZENworks 11, Novell Service Desk 7, Novell Service Desk 7 and endpoint security features. Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11). Provides a functional and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft software: Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and System Center, as well as Dropbox, Skydrive, and Google Drive.
NOWS is not only an attractive price!

Buyers of NOWS provide very good licensing - to choose the number of users or computers in the company (profitable, for example, shift work). There are no fees for server licenses. Moreover, one-year technical support is included in the purchase of our software with a license. You will gain free access to on-line training, all upgrades and new product releases, and you can report any problems with system setup or installation without limitation.

Get to know all Novell Open Workgroup Suite components
See how much you can get for 1/10 of your competitive pricing!
  • Open Enterprise Server 11 - The latest version of Novell's network operating system was built on the most advanced Linux platform - SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1. This enables customers to have the flexibility and breadth of choice for network equipment and software that can run on it. Combining enormous Linux capabilities in enterprise applications with Novell's industry-leading workgroup expertise, Open Enterprise Server 11 simplifies and simplifies file and print server networking and enhances user productivity. Many customers will also appreciate the cost savings due to the use of existing hardware and virtualization.
  • Filr - Provides fixed and mobile workers with direct access to their home folders, shared network directories and personal files - regardless of device and location. It makes it very easy and safe to share files with your employees and non-business people. It provides a secure alternative to Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive. The difference is that the files are stored on servers and stations in the organization, and access to and sharing of files is controlled by the user and IT department. Customers have the right to use the Filr software at no additional cost during the maintenance period for the NOWS software package.
  • Novell iPrint Appliance - is a print server delivered as a ready-made virtual machine. Allows users to print to any printer via their iPrint Mobile computers, laptops (iPrint Mobile) and mobile devices (requires an additional license). Novell iPrint Appliance supports Active Directory and eDirectory. It is a scalable solution that allows organizations of any size to be matched. Customers with the NOWS package have the right to use iPrint Desktop software at no additional cost during the maintenance period for the NOWS software package. They may also purchase additional iPrint Mobile licenses for printing from mobile devices.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 - server system that is part of the Open Enterprise Server software 11. Within NOWS, you can use an unlimited number of SUSE (physical or virtual servers on x86 and x86-64) to run OES services for users on which you want to OES licenses are redeemed. SUSE also may launch other programs to support, support, and secure OES services or manage them. SUSE, however, can not be used to launch other applications or software, such as business or HPC.
  • ZENworks 11 Configuration Management (Standard Edition) - A suite of tools for administering servers and personal computers and servers running Linux and Windows. Provides remote distribution and installation of software, inventory of hardware and software, remote access and taking control, playing entire stations and servers from images, managing policies including MS GPO.
  • Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management - a system that manages workstation security policies, including port usage rules (USB, FireWire) and wireless networks (WiFi, Bluetooth).
  • Novell Service Desk 7 for Incident Management - a fully integrated support management tool; It enables you to troubleshoot, report, track and manage problem reports via email, Pocket PCs, or a convenient client portal. Within the package is a license for 2 operators (persons handling applications).
  • GroupWise 2012 PL - advanced communication and collaboration solution. It provides email server services, shared calendars, shared folders, tasks, support and document management, simple workflow. GroupWise makes it possible to build clustered systems and support for mobile devices. The system also provides access to information via a web browser, on-line communication with GroupWise Messenger and integration with Skype.
  • Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack - Enables wireless information exchange (mail, meetings, tasks) between GroupWise and the widest range of mobile devices and phones from different manufacturers.
  • Novell Vibe 3.4 - is used to support teamwork and is based on web tools, allowing for the effective collaboration of groups of employees, regardless of where they reside. Creating virtual work spaces from the web browser allows you to create a social network within your company. Employees can share documents, knowledge, create company blogs, newsgroups. Novell Vibe improves team productivity by facilitating the creation, sharing, modification and management of documents and information.

NOWS licensing
You can choose the way you want to count your licenses for the NOWS suite, either by the number of users (directory service accounts) or by the number of connected workstations (multiple people can work on the same computer). This does not affect the price.
Additionally, you can use any number of OpenServer servers for running the software from a set (GroupWise, ZENworks) at no additional cost. There is also no additional charge for GroupWise or ZENworks server software and for the ability to build and use clusters. This means that we do not need to incur extra costs for servers and system work in clusters. At any time, you can add a server in a branch or another location without incurring additional costs for license fees.
What does the customer get as maintenance?
Technical Support Standard includes:

  • Unlimited technical support for the 12x5 product delivered electronically (available 12 hours a day on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, 4hours response time)
  • Free fixes
  • Free new software releases available during the assists
  • Unrestricted access to product training provided to the customer on the website

Technical assistance The priority includes:

  • Same as the Standard version, except that unlimited technical support for the product is provided 24/7 (available 24 hours a day, 4 hour response time and 1 hour server downtime).

Thanks to technical support, the customer has the guarantee of receiving unlimited technical support directly from the manufacturer and the guarantee of having the latest and most advanced version of the software. Technical assistance may then be extended for subsequent annual or triennial periods.